Job Description:

Security Dispatch Job Duties:


  • Security Dispatcher records, transcribes, and maintains files and records.


  • oversees all communications within specified areas, preparing daily reports and maintains schedules, monitoring personnel and equipment locations, advising patrol officers of traffic problems/conditions, weather conditions, construction areas and other types of hazards.


  • Obtains help by notifying local law enforcement, paramedics, security dispatch, security supervisor, tow service, etc.


  • Maintains security organization's stability and reputation by complying with client and security company policies, procedures, and all laws.


  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing assigned tasks.




  • Security dispatchers possess active listening skills focusing and receiving/transmitting various types of messages.


  • Shall have the ability to speak clearly, and possess good reading comprehension skills.


  • The Security Dispatcher must be able to verbally express themselves in an appropriate and professional manner, exercise good judgment, and have good decision-making skills.


  • Must have effective time management and problem solving/sensitivity skills.


  • Deals with Uncertainty, Exercises Good Judgment / Objectivity / Dependability.


  • Possess good emotional control, Integrity and Professionalism


  • Have keen Report Writing Skills


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