Patrol Software

The normal reporting method for security and patrol companies, is to give their clients information regarding their properties on a hand written report. The problems with hand written reports are many, here are some examples of why it is better to use Destiny over old reporting methods. Not being able to read the officer's writing. Destiny reports are "type written" so your clients will always be able to read them. Officer's writing skills and spelling are inadequate. Destiny has "report review" that allows you to review and correct reports before submitting to clients. Most reports are sent to the client on a weekly or monthly basis. Destiny reports are submitted via email, or clients can access via the "Client Portal". When reports are dropped off to the property office, they sometimes get lost. Reports are available to clients 24/7 and are NEVER erased from our servers! Having one copy of the report that is given to the client when copies of reports need to be sent to corporate management, security director, ceo, etc. Destiny allows you to send to multiple recipients. Using Destiny's latest technology makes your company more efficient, and allows your clients to be actively involved in what is happening at their properties on a DAILY BASIS.

Application allows dispatchers to have the critical information that is required for a dispatcher to manage their field officers.

Destiny Mobile

Destiny Mobile is an enterprise security application for Security Guard Field Reporting, GPS Tracking, Geofencing, Dispatching and Client Notifications. Includes a full suite of administration features.



This page is where the client would be able to search for dispatch calls. Dispatch Calls are reports created in response to a phone call. Dispatch Calls are meant to be dispatched to an officer via dispatchers. Dispatchers take all information possible and provide it to the officer.


All reports are saved, NEVER deleted, so all the client has to do is fill the date parameters and click search. All of these reports are available 24 / 7 and at the touch of a fingertip with the use of any online computer.


This page is where the client would be able to search for field interviews. Field Interviews are conducted when an officer find suspicious people in areas where they should not be but are not doing anything illegal. If an officer finds a person loitering around the car ports of an apartment complex and that person has pliers and a screwdriver, well there is no law against that but on the other hand, he has burglary tools in his possession. So you get his information for future reference, maybe the next night a vehicle gets burglarized, now you have a suspect. This is also great for warning trespassers that they will be arrested the next time they are caught on a property.


This page is where the client would be able to search for Patrol Reports. The Patrol Reports feature is for keeping track of an officer's duties specific to the property they are patrolling. The officer would submit this report at the end of their shift to the property management to advise them of the status of their property.



Property Maintenance Reporting

When your officers are touring a property and they find any type of maintenance issue such as a broken gate, lights out, graffiti/vandalism, etc, they would select the maintenance feature from ADAM602, fill out the required information, take a picture of the issue and submit the report, all in less than a minute, and with a GPS location marker for the report. Security officers will have no problem utilizing this system.


This page is if your property manager delegates all parking issues to a particular employee, there is no need for this employee to go through all reports so this page makes it easier for the employee to search for any parking related reports like citations issued, parking permits or safelisted vehicles.


This page is where the client would be able to review the Post Orders. The client would review any info they require such as which tow company to contact after the set amount of citations are given, who to call regarding maintenance issues, and there is also a section to leave specific instructions at the bottom of the screen.


NOTE: They cannot edit the information without contacting the Security Company.


Passdown Logs consist of any information an officer would consider important that would need to be told to the next officer on duty. For example if there was a fire in the main building and the rear entrance was blocked by debris, an officer can make note and provide the next officer on duty with this important information. All passdown logs are viewable by clients if needed.


The GuardTour Feature provides the officer a means of verifying they are doing their rounds at a property. GuardTour uses simple QR Code labels that are scanned by the officer. GuardTour creates a GPS stamp of each and every time the QR code is scanned and is sent to the server immediately where it is viewable instantly by your client from their own client account page.


The INCIDENT REPORT feature is for keeping track of any incidents that may happen at a particular property and where maybe an insurance company, corporate office of management company, police department, etc.. may need specific information as to what happened and those involved. We know of many police departments who when taking an arrest from a security company, will write their report and say, "see attached security report" because the reports generated on this system are extremely similar to those used by many law enforcement agencies. The following is how this feature is used.


The PARKING PERMITS feature is if you have a client who implements parking permits or safelists vehicles for a specific amount of days, etc., this would be the function to implement these tasks. The following is how this feature is used.