Here at Western Regional Security we offer both vehicle and standing guard patrol services as well as closed circuit and remote monitored video surveillance services to southern California businesses and residential complexes. Our typical clientele includes but isn’t limited to apartment complexes, home owner associations, shopping centers, industrial sites, construction sites, celebrities, churches and temples. Our company is one of the best among the southern California security and guard service and we are consistently regarded as one the fastest, most reliable and most dependable.


We are exclusively staffed by highly experienced and specially trained security professionals, many of whom are retired law enforcement officials and as such we are able to provide expert and reliable services to our clients.


The WRS’ mission is to serve and to protect Southern Californians by providing the fast and efficient security patrol services, using technology, and modern tools.


  • We have a duty to our client and to protect their interests with courage, dignity and honor.


  • We maintain and display our professionalism through continuous learning and training.


  • We believe in diversity, and every member of the WRS family is treated with respect regardless of their age, religion, beliefs, gender, race, sexual orientation, physical appearance or physical abilities.


  • We maintain transparency to our stakeholders when it comes to complying with the policies of governmental and non government agencies.


  • We believe in social and environmental responsibility.


  • We embrace change and always look forward to serve our client with new tools.